Condition monitoring systems
Solutions for monitoring equipment and production processes

We propose

QiVisor Web
Web-application - monitoring the operation of any equipment/utility on-line in different web-browsers and on different devices.
QiVisor Box
Server application - controlling the efficiency of production lines, KPI data analysis, OEE.
Online monitoring system for technical condition and operating parameters of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration machines.
Monitoring of refrigeration equipment
Monitoring and control of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC).
Monitoring of air conditioning systems
Monitoring of all temperature parameters in one window.
Temperature sensor monitoring
Automatic utility consumption accounting system.
Monitoring electricity meters
Клиент хотел контролировать производственные показатели
с разных видов оборудования
с выводом данных на одном экране. Предложили наше облачное решение по мониторингу QiVisor web. Теперь
все показатели можно проверить
в любое время и с любого устройства.
The customer wanted to monitor the production figures from different types of equipment with data displayed on one screen. We offered our cloud-based monitoring solution QiVisor web. Now all indicators can be checked at any time and from any device.
An example from industry
QiVisor monitors temperature sensors at the Tulchinsky butter and cheese factory
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