QiVisor products
Web application - easy access
to information online in different web-browsers and on different devices.
A server application for collecting
and analysis of data on the efficiency
of production lines.
Distribution of staff by zones (locations) - a map
of the working day of the employee.
QiVisor offers companies with small budgets a clear and intuitive way to optimize processes and react quickly to changes. The monitoring system monitors the status of line events and data from finished product flow meters in real time and stores data history for up to 3 years.
Production process optimization system
This information helps technologists and engineers respond quickly to critical system changes without losing time, and helps plant management reduce production costs.
The cost of the system is significantly lower than similar solutions on the market, due to the flexibility of technological solutions for a particular task and direct supply of equipment. Any production facility can afford to install QiVisor in-house.
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