Monitoring of
a heat exchanger
Quality control of product cooling and process stability
Система помогает оперативно реагировать на критические изменения в системе и сокращать затраты на производство продукции
Monitoring allows
rationally plan and save resources
monitor the performance of process equipment
control and observe the entire technological process of production
maintain the quality of the product
control the implementation by an operator of recommendations and instructions from an equipment manufacturer, at each individual section of a process
Heat exchanger monitoring includes the following data
Product temperature
Glycol supply temperature
Electricity consumption
Operation status of each valve
Control valve, how much percent is it open
All data during the monitoring of the heat exchanger are sent to QiVisor WEB
The control of the cooling process makes it possible to produce consistently high quality products.
For example, in the production of food products (sauce, mayonnaise, adjika, etc.), cooling equipment - heat exchanger is used. Refrigeration equipment is designed to cool just cooked finished product, then the product is packaged in containers.
The heat exchanger cools the product by circulating glycol through the heat exchanger jackets.
The volume of glycol supplied to the heat exchanger is dosed by a control valve. The glycol circulation speed is set by a centrifugal pump with frequency converter.
In this case, products need to be produced in a strictly limited time, which requires fine-tuning of the heat exchange process, which can be helped by monitoring this process to collect parameters during real production, which will give the opportunity to "polish" the control programs of the heat exchange process.
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