QiVisor Web Remote Monitoring System
The system helps to react quickly to critical changes in the system and reduce production costs.
LEAN tool for viewing losses.
Система помогает оперативно реагировать на критические изменения в системе и сокращать затраты на производство продукции

QiVisor Web review

Мониторинг процессов пастеризации
и дозации масла с подключением
к уже установленным измерительным приборам.
Использовали QiVisor Web
c контроллером нашей разработки.
В результате удалось сократить переходы между технологическими процессами, уменьшить объемы брака и ускорить логистику информации между отделами.
We used QiVisor Web with a controller of our design. As a result, we were able to reduce transitions between technological processes, reduce the volume of rejects and speed up the logistics of information between departments.
Monitoring of pasteurization and oil dosing processes with connection to already installed measuring instruments.
Implementation of online monitoring at Tulchinsky Butter and Cheese Plant, Terra Food
Stages of implementing QiVisor web:
Вы получаете файл
для контроллера или контроллер + инструкции по монтажу
Control your production in a web application.
Online monitoring 24/7
You get a file for a controller or controller + installation instructions.
System connection
We select sensors and controllers according to your application.
Coordination of technical specifications
Explore the capabilities of the system in a demo account for implementation in your production.
Demo registration
QiVisor Web includes
HR: allocation of staff by zones (locations).
Excel reports;
HMI schemes;
Alerts notifications;
Monitoring the status of events on the line;
Production data monitoring;
QiVisor web interfaces
You can add the metrics you want to monitor (electricity, steam, carbon dioxide, compressed air, oxygen, etc.).
You can adjust the type and display of graphs in a convenient form for you (type, color, size).
Graphs allow you to view the history of data for any period (hour, day, week, year).
Online data on graphs
You can export an Excel report.
Setting statuses will allow you to analyze the efficiency (OEE) and line performance.
State graphs
You can add a list of events on the line (downtime, breakdowns, forced stops).
— Monitoring the loading of tank equipment
— Monitoring of the washing equipment
— Monitoring of the pasteurization process
— Line / downtime statuses
Examples of application of the QiVisor web
— Monitoring utilities (water, steam, electricity)
— Video tutorials for staff training
— Access from a web browser (no need to spend on servers, operator workstations)
— Easy setup, no need to involve developers
— Implementation speed 2 weeks *
— Monthly subscription for Software
— Our PLC is cheaper than any analogs (only for monitoring)
— Consultation of engineers for the selection of sensors, controllers
— Consultation of LEAN specialists and technologists
* Subject to the ability to collect data from existing PLCs
— Backups are made every day (all data), stored for 1 month
— Data is sent encrypted (over a closed HTTPS connection)
— A separate infrastructure is deployed for each client
— Your data is stored on the cloud server only in encrypted form (Encryption-at-Rest)
QiVisor Web application is already used by your competitors
Производственные предприятия
для мониторинга утилит, показаний с любых датчиков
Enterprises with conveyor processes / lines (FMCG)
Food industry: production of milk, beer, sauces
Manufacturing companies
For monitoring utilities, readings from any sensors
Small producers: Kraft breweries, bakeries, etc.
Feel free to ask us any questions and take your production to the next level!
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