Monitoring air conditioning systems
For whom:
Industrial spaces
Data center (Server rooms, telecom facilities ...)
Monitoring and control of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system
What is it for?
Analysis of the correct operation of air conditioning and heat supply systems will allow you to identify deviations from the norm in time and prevent emergencies with your equipment.
Easy and fast on / off, adjust the temperature using a tablet. Set the desired temperature at different times of the day and night. Energy consumption control.
Fan filter monitoring
QiVisor web HVAC monitoring capabilities:
Indoor and outdoor temperatures
Air flow rates
Seasonality of pressure and air conditioning of computer equipment in the room (CRAC)
The content of carbon dioxide and dust in the air
Opening and closing the radiator, adjusting the temperature
Electricity consumption
Heating and ventilation monitoring will ensure the synchronized operation of all system elements. If any irregularities in the operation of the system are detected, you will receive a notification by email about the rejection.
The advantages
What you can get with QiVisor web:
Online monitoring of equipment status
Remote service - access to information from any device
Prompt notifications about emergency equipment operation, deviations
Excel reports for any period of time
Remote monitoring relieves you of the need to be constantly present in the immediate vicinity of the equipment.
Мониторинг теплоснабжения
и вентиляции обеспечит синхронизированную работу всех элементов системы. В случае выявлении нарушений в работе системы Вы получите уведомление на email об отклонении.
Implementation example
A ventilation and heating monitoring system was implemented in one of the offices in Kyiv: were installed a ventilation system by the Carel and our own designed controller based on the Raspberry Pi, which is 3 times cheaper than the Carel controller.
As a result, we now have access to visualization of data from temperature sensors inside and outside the office, humidity sensors, air flow rate and energy consumption by electrical outlets.
Also, it is available to control the ventilation system, heating: remote on and off.
Automatic temperature setting modes are available for different time periods, days of the week.
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