About the Company
Meta Systems is a software development company and implementation of software and hardware systems for process monitoring
The QiVisor Web team
Andrei Listochkin
CTO, programmer, data security consultant
Konstantin Ruslanov
Chief engineer, project manager, technical audit consultant
Aleksandra Rybak
IT Project Manager
Alexey Trubochkin
Software Engineer
Make production monitoring available to every company. Our engineers have more than 7 years of experience in the food industry, FMCG.
Our mission
Working with the industry's biggest leaders, we want to pass on best manufacturing practices to everyone who wants to improve their processes and grow economically.
Our plans
monitoring of key indicators (KPI, OEE)
staff monitoring
monitoring by HMI mimic diagrams
Having come a long way in developing the best data monitoring assistant for engineers, we are not going to stop on what we've accomplished.
We are moving forward and mastering new areas - such as:
augmented reality, VR glasses for remote support by engineers
IoT gateways
Проделав огромный путь в разработке лучшего помощника мониторинга данных для инженеров, мы не собираемся останавливаться на достигнутом.
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