Online monitoring of any sensors
Control of temperature parameters in one window: production figures, in the room, etc.
Control of utilities, any meters: electricity, water, steam, etc. with the ability to generate reports.
Electricity, temperature, pressure, power, water consumption, steam are some of the few monitoring examples offered by our system.
The temperature in the house or the energy consumption of the equipment in production — that is possible with the QiVisor.
What are we selling
Advantages of the QiVisor system for controlling utilities (from sensors and counters):
Web application accessible from any device
Online data
Monitoring utilities in one window
Data history storage up to 3 years
Export of reports to Excel
Alerts-notifications by e-mail
Implementation speed
Online monitoring of sensors with the QiVisor system offers:
The solution is easily scalable, which allows in the future, if it will be necessary, to create a general dispatching and management system for energy-consuming consumers with maximum efficiency.
Automatic collection of information from any sensors / counters online.
Implementation speed
— The bakery chain implemented online monitoring of utilities (electricity, hot and cold water) with the ability to send monthly indicators by e-mail. Data for the selected period can be downloaded to an excel report.
— Implemented a project for monitoring temperature sensors on the pasteurization process at Tulchinsky Butter Cheese Plant, Terra Food. A feature of this project is that we connected a proprietary controller based on a Raspberry Pi to the installed measuring equipment at the factory — the TCM-50M temperature sensors. As a result, it is possible to achieve control of the target temperature indicators in this process and reduce the number of rejects in finished products.
Implementation examples
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