QiVisor: HR
Workday zones-Time Tracking
Система помогает оперативно реагировать на критические изменения в системе и сокращать затраты на производство продукции
Collection and visualization of staff movement data.
Visualization of data from ACS.
Distribution of staff by zones (locations) — map of the employee's working day (BLE).
What do we offer?
What for?
Reliable online activity data and overall project status
Geolocation of the space where people spent their time
Tracking the distribution of workforce at the facility
Integration with already installed access control system (ACS)
Low-cost solution using a web application and available hardware
Integration with installed access control system
Online report with the function of filtering
Excel reports
Price from 2 euro per license
Implementation period from 2 days
Description of the system
Personal identifiers (beacons/cards)
Gateways with access to the Internet / or ACS system
Cloud Server
Web application “QiVisor”
The HR system includes:
Using the U-Prox access control system, “QiVisor” integrates with the ACS’s client-server. Data is processed and displayed on the monitoring screen.
For ACS monitoring:
For zone monitoring:
Insert a SIM card with an internet connection into gateways
Pre-configured gateways should be placed in zones with a radius of up to 30m
Give employees personal identifiers (beacons)
Real use case
Essential assistant for the manager and accountant
Visualization of employees' working hours
Work discipline control
The office in Kyiv has a “QiVisor: HR system” integrated with an access control system from U-Prox.
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