Examples of equipment that can be monitored with QiVisor in the food industry:
Equipment for brewing production, for example: parameters of the processes of the grinding, brewing and filtration. Process parameters in the equipment - cylindroconical vessel, bright beer tank, SIP-station.
All equipment for packaging production, for example: bottle washing, sterilizing and filling line, blowmolder, pasteurizer, labeler, packer, palletizer,

Utility equipment, for example: boiler room, CO2 compressor, air compressor, refrigeration and compressor section equipment.
Others: electricity counters, air conditioners, refrigerators, radiators.
Implementation from 2 to 4 weeks.
We will use your controller or we will select ours.
Any point of control. We take your data or install new sensors.
Examples of equipment that can be monitored using QiVisor in the office or at home:
Ventilation system: Air conditioning, ventilation
Heating: boiler, radiators
Energy consumption: electricity meter
Power socket
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